This is the page to see what the 14th Cambridge beaver scouts get up to in pictures!

And if this all looks fun and makes you want to join up either as a member or a volunteer just get in touch and we’ll point you in the right direction.

BEAVERS – 2016-11-02 – Halloween games!!!

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have started this new term in style with an evening of Halloween related games. Here is a big favourite the mummy competition.

BEAVERS – 2016-10-16 – Team working – Pasta tower

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have practiced their team working skills by building towers with dry pasta and jelly babies. None of them survived.

BEAVERS – 2016-10-12 – Geography and games

BEAVERS – 2016-10-08 – District Beaver Activity Day

The 14th Cambridge Beaver Scouts enjoyed a day with a magic show, some circus skills, the annual craft competition and wide games (E.g. parachute games) outdoor game forest and activity bases.


BEAVERS – 2016-09-28 – Raptor Foundation Visit

BEAVERS – 2016-09-23 – District Hike at Milton Country Park

BEAVERS – 2016-09-21 – From farm to fork – Tesco Milton


BEAVERS – 2016-07-13 – Water games mayhem!!!

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have created and obstacle course to test their skills. Would you risk running this obstacle course under heavy bombardment of water balloons?

The water game progressed into a Mexican shoot out with water guns, adults struggling to keep up with filling the bucket of water to the great amazement of the innocent bystanders keeping well out well out of range.

16-07-20 14th Cambridge Beavers-Water_Games_Mayem

Complete Mayhem!!!

Thanks to all the parents that have helped and got drenched.

BEAVERS – 2016-07-13 – Bug Hotel & Histon Cemetery/Recreation ground

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have been visiting the Histon road cemetery, learn about the grave of soldiers that have died during the 1st world war, finally collected some natural items from at Histon Recreation ground to build a bug hotel and chilled out on the slides.

Thanks to all the parents that have helped on the day.

Here are some of the resulting bug hotels

BEAVERS – 2016-07-10 – Beaver Activity Day – B.A.D 2016

B.A.D. 2016 was a great success. The event took place at Mepal Outdoor Centre. It was packed with activities like archery, backwoods cooking, crate stacking, water slide, inflatable, cork crossbow shooting, bubble football, catapult with ball bearing …

Thanks to all the parents that help on the day.

16-07-10 14th Cambridge Beavers - B.A.D-2016 30

16-07-10 14th Cambridge Beavers - B.A.D-2016 29

BEAVERS – 2016-06-29 – Riverside Walk to Grantchester

The 14th Cambridge Beaver Scouts have visited the Paradise Nature Reserve and walked to Grantchester.

Thanks to all the parents that have helped on the day.

BEAVERS – 2016-06-22 – The Queen Elizabeth 90th Cake Cooking

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have been cooking some awesome cookies, shortbread and decorated some chocolate cupcakes for the celebration of the Queen’s birthday. The beavers are well on their way to getting their cooking activity badge.

160622 14th Cambridge Beavers Cooking


BEAVERS – 2016-05-18 – International Food Tasting

The 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have discovered food from different countries, tasted them and rated them as part of the International Activity badge:. But can you guess where they come from and what they are?

BEAVERS – 2016-04-27 – Living with a disability

Following a visit to Alexandria Park, the 14th Cambridge beaver scouts have been designing an ideal park with facilities to help people with a disability (e.g. Blindness, Immobile arm, Wheelchair user).

The beavers then tried to write their names with their feet. It is very hard as you can see on the pictures below.

BEAVERS – 2016-03-02 – Exploration Of Senses -Smell and Taste

A Flavor chemist from Cambridge came to visit the 14th Cambridge beaver scouts. Our guest speaker presented and explained how to recreate various taste and flavors in our food.

BEAVERS – 2015-09-23 – Science Night

The science night proved to be a great success with the 14th Cambridge Beavers. The most spectacular experiment was to create a cola geyser with some Mentos. The beavers then learnt about mixing liquids of different densities, using capillarity to transfer liquid and mixing liquids of different colours.


BEAVERS – 2015-04-22 – Parachute games and Grouping games


BEAVERS – 2015-04-22 – Making Paper Airplanes


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