Health and Fitness 2018

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The 14th Cambridge Beavers made some great posters to promote health and fitness. Some took the theme of healthy eating, exercise, some tackled both themes in glorious full colour.

Well done, guys, these are awesome!

  • Eating naturally colourful food is great advice! It means you are getting lots of variety in your diet, with all the vitamins and nutrition your body needs.
  • This person knows what they're talking about - really good advice here, it's all about balance. Cut down on fat and sugar, and eat lots of fibre too. Don't just stop at five a day, no no. You can eat more than that, especially if you eat just salad for tea! I love how the peach is the O of Once.
  • Simply stated and effective. A really fun touch, inside the happy face at the bottom is a collection of fruits that you can take out and look at.
  • Some really interesting rotational symmetry here, done by someone who reeeeelly likes football! In both German and English.
  • I love how this cheery guy is actually made of five (plus one) pieces of fruit.
  • Wow this tree is impressive! Don't you want a treehouse on there?
  • Go running, eat apples, but probably not at the same time. And no coke. Got it! I love the colours here. And crunchy green apples are the best.
  • A great infographic, with some top tips for being healthy and fit. It's all about making the healthy choices. Great advice here!
  • A good four-parter here, like a comic. Look at all these happy people keeping fit and healthy! Exercise makes you flexible too, Good point!
  • Yumm, look at all these tasty looking fruit and veggies! And one of my favourites, a big stripy watermelon. Wouldn't you like a slice?
  • This person shows they know the foods that are the ones a body needs to be heathy - I love the smile on the weightlifter's face! I think I want to eat a tomato now
  • Or the doctor may have to visit you often, because you will be unwell. Some very bold and neat block lettering here. The artist makes the point that if you do eat well, you could even be a record breaker! If you broke a world record, what would it be?
  • Run or swim or do a sport, and eat good things (like strawberries, bananas, carrots, lettuce). With urgency, the artist says 'If you see this, DO IT NOW'. Nice use of highlights here.

Agility and heart health

As part of the evening, we designed and built an obstacle course, and had a lot of fun testing it out. We also found out how activity made a difference to our heart rate, and played some cooperative (and not so cooperative) games. I bet we all slept well that night!