Policy for Publishing Photography, Video and Audio


14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Scout Group (‘Group’) use photography, video and audio recordings (‘media’) taken during our activities to promote the Scouting movement locally or nationally, celebrate the successes of Group members, and as training aid and validation for leaders.

We publish media in accordance to our guidelines below and The Scouting Association best practices (https://tinyurl.com/q4qao8n). We display on noticeboards inside church, newsletters, and material for helpers and parents, and online on the Group website, Facebook page, and Youtube channel.  Occasionally we may forward media to other Scouting outlets or to the local press. We will take care to ensure that full names are not used on captions or accompanying articles, and instead use statements like “14th Cambridge Beavers visit the fire station”.

14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Scouts Group media publishing guidelines

  • We won’t show personal details (full name, address, email, etc) with any media we publish
  • We will endeavour to remove metadata from all media (such as comments, location etc.)
  • The content of all media will be considered for good taste

We understand that personal or child protection reasons you may request for your child not to appear in published media. You may also withdraw consent by talking with a leader or sending an email to 14thcambridge+privacy@gmail.com.

If you discover we have published media without your permission, or you feel we are not adhering to our guidelines, we will remove it as quickly as possible after it is brought to our attention. You may contact us at 14thcambridge+privacy@gmail.com.

Internal use of photographs

Our Group uses your child’s photo on attendance registers and in the management software (Online Scout Manager) to help leaders identify children during activities, and complete administrative tasks.  This use is covered by our privacy policy available on our website.

Social media and sharing by members

The 14th Cambridge (St Luke’s) Scout Group does not have control over members’ social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, or photos or videos are shared by members. Please be mindful of any content that you / your child may post, any media that are set in a scouting context should not bring the Group or movement into disrepute or put young people at risk. We would also ask that you respect the wishes of other parents if they ask for their media featuring their child to removed.

Download the latest photography, video and audio publishing policy