14th Cambridge Scouts at CamJam 2015 -Day 1-2

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The 14th Cambridge scouts have joined CamJam 2015 Saturday 15th August 2015.  The scouts tents were the first to be up and very well organised in the “Mars” sub-camp. It took us a little bit longer when we have realized that we were missing some of the poles. Brian came to the rescue.

15/08 – The scouts explored the camp and enjoyed the free Mr Whippy ice cream.  The tuck shop was very popular with our scouts.  We made friends with other scouts groups (Ely District and the 15th Kettering).

16/08 – The scouts enjoyed the opening of the event and had lots of fun on the “It’s a knock out”, orienteering challenge and a scavenger hunt.  We have discovered that Chris decided to bravely dye his hair orange to represent the “Venus” sub camp.  We then made friends with Scouts from Israel and sampled some their lovely food.