Spring Survival Camp 2019

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14th and 26th Scouts joined forces once again in this year's survival camp at Copley Scout Campsite. Over the bank holiday weekend Patrols looked after themselves by cooking breakfasts and dinners on open fires. Patrols also took turns to build bridges over a little river, make their own bows and arrows, shelters and learnt some essential first aid skills including training on AEDs! On Saturday night Scouts designed and cooked a 2-course meal against other Patrols. Each Patrol did something stunning - breaded chicken with vegetables, crepe rolls filled with white chocolate and cream, pan-fried pizza and lemon cheesecake etc.!

It was a fantastic camp and all the Scouts should be very proud of their achievements. They demonstrated great teamwork and perseverance through the various challenges over the weekend. Thanks to all Leaders who made this camp possible!